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Hi! My name is YangShan. I obtained my MFA in Graphic and Interactive Design in 2019 from the Tyler School of Art. My work has been showcased in print, digital platforms, technology, and experimental design. Currently, I am working on multiple interactive projects in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). I love AR and VR because they can be used to bring difficult-to-explain subjects to life in a visual and easy to understand format.

After finishing my Bachelors Degree in Communications I switched majors to Illustration for my Masters degree in Taiwan. During the last year of my Masters degree, I enrolled in the Exchange Student Program to study English typography in the United States. During my time studying in the U.S. I interned at three graphic design companies in Grand Rapids, 834 Marketing & Design, Carnevale, and the international art competition ArtPrize 8. Before I began my second Master’s degree at Tyler, I was a lead UI/UX designer at Gimmatek Technology—a startup company in Taiwan developing an app that provides rewards for users who walk a certain number of steps. Currently, I work for the tech and design company, BlueCadet. I’m passionate about the work that I do and about a lifelong journey of discovery as a visual designer and problem-solver.